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When JKA Talks About Autism...

Written by: NoVe
06.04.2017 - 19:45
Category: JK3 News

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You know shit hits the fan when of all communities there are, it is the JKA one that talks about "Autism awareness". More like self-awareness, eh?
The original thread was hidden, but the followup one is still pretty hilarious.
(Link via referrer-block, seen as Caefag is as autistic as the people mentioned in Cerez' moronic forum post and still has our website blacklisted, heh.)

Let us back this post up just in case...
Read More Screenshot

Not like Jerkhub deletes or censors forum posts after all...
Read More Right?


#1 Canada sturgy 08.08.2017 - 13:16

lel jkhub never fails to make me rofl

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