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TnG FFA3 Winter Retexture18.74MB

One of JKA's most used, if not the most used multiplayer map redesigned. Jacen gave the dry and hot tatooine city map a cozy winter atmosphere and some great new TnG-themed textures.

TnG Hackplugin v462.7MB

(!v4: Fixed some bugs preventing people from using the plugin properly! NEW FEATURES!) TnG's pride. This premium hack pack features everything you could wish for in an ultimate toolkit for JKA. It features the most sophisticated aimbot, a wallhack, allows you to see admins in ghost mode and unlocks cheat-protected cvars. We also tossed in some flipkick scripts. Hf!

TnG EasyPass2.66KB

Simple menu change that adds "ESL" and "PUG" selection fields to the password request popup. Clicking either will set the client's password to the respective value and make the game join the target server. Seen as most Base servers use these passwords, this tiny addition makes for an incredible boost in convenience.

TnG Modelfix3.07MB

Tired of listening to JK2 models shouting "Take That!" when taunting? Tired of seeing stupid questionmarks in your profile menu with the new JA+ client plugin? Well then Jacen's Modelfix is the right thing for you!

Requirements: JA+ 1.4B4 Client Plugin

TnG Clientcrash98.11KB

Exclusive config with several options. By defining several IDs it is possible to crash multiple players off any JKA server at once. Use with caution though, you might end up crashing yourself out.

Essential Mappack75MB

A collection of the more or less best 3 maps out there:

Jedi Council GCX (Original Version) - The best version. Not some edited bullshit.
Sith Council V2 - Awesome map with tons of secrets.
Jedi's Home (JL) II - Cozy map with a chill atmosphere.

TnG CVar- & Lagunlocker402KB

TnG's superior CVar and Lagunlocker combines both hacks in just one tool. Compatible with almost every version of Jedi Academy.

TnG Lagscript43.64KB

There are tons of lagscripts for JKA out there nowadays, but none of those could hold a candle to this one. After discussing for ages, we finally agreed on releasing it.

TnG Sourcecode13.4KB

TnG's Jedi Academy Source Code. Many things were modified and added. Includes almost every single TnG exploit.

TnG Console61.59KB

soFFe's TnG console. Uses stylish TnG colors as well as the emblem. Additionally it's semitransparent so even dark font colors are easily readable.

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