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    05.06.2019 12:40 by NoVe
    Recently I have been toying with the idea of replacing the "Skype" messenger profile information and button, because let us be honest, who the hell still uses Skype?

    Anyway, while Steam is clearly the preference and will remain, I suppose adding "Discord" instead of Skype would make sense, despite my own dislike for it.

    Furthermore a few parts of the website might change soonish, because certain things are simply outdated. (Actually, even forums and websites like this one are antiquated in a way. But hey!
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    16.10.2018 16:23 by NoVe
    In response to many messages I have recently received:

    Since Jerkhub's Masterserver list display hosted by that Polish Furry is currently down and good old jeditracker died years ago... Use this shit to keep track of Empire Server in the meantime:

    Not awesome but at least it works.

    Also a fun fact: That guy (by complete coincidence) first used Empire Server to showcase this servertracker on the Jerkhub forums when he created it.
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