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    07.07.2021 18:49 by NoVe

    You can now click images in the Forum to open them up in a responsive box that is displayed on top of the current page and can be closed again with another click.
    This handy technique is only like 15 years old.
    The sky is the limit on this website.

    (Do not forget to CTRL+F5)
    . . .
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    18.12.2020 21:57 by NoVe
    As some of you noticed, we had a brief downtime thanks to our previous provider being the very incarnations of uselessness.
    Those measly morons actually managed to not only break server and hardware our stuff was hosted on but to also break the backup of it at the same time.
    Since we are quite familiar with the everlasting disappointment most people embody, we obviously had backups ourselves.
    Now to the details below:

    Since the website is not really big, the backup was sadly no daily thing.
    1) Content created / added between the 07.11.2020 and 16.12.2020 was lost.
    This is mostly shoutbox posts, profile edits and forum posts. The shoutbox posts are negligible but as for the rest:
    The following users have made profile updates in the timespan mentioned above and have their avatar/userpic/userbanner reset:
    @Kykio @Perso @davidino @wotan @Bishop @reboRn. @joi @Boots
    @davidino @Bishop @reboRn. @Cyb3rst0rm @joi
    @davidino @Artemis @Cyb3rst0rm @joi
    Miscellaneous profile edits:

    Please update your profile again to fill that gap.

    The missing forum content is mostly the "Videos" and the "Game Footage" thread. I will make a post in the latter and contact people who had contributed recently personally so we can fill that gap together again.

    2) Backend / Code changes since January 2020 are reverted.
    You will see a few changes and optimizations that I made this year are no longer present. I will have to recode a good portion of that.
    A few parts of the website might not work as expected yet either. Please inform me or be patient, since it will take some time for me to fiddle with all of this again.

    On the bright side, not much has been lost and this incident provides us with a good opportunity to improve some things and shows me that I have to make even more frequent backups, since
    most people are completely useless
    the website has received enough content updates in 1 month for this to create some holes in the page!

    All of that aside, a fairly early Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you.
    . . .
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    19.11.2019 11:53 by NoVe

    To help the
    visually impaired users on this website, the messenger icon (that is the envelope in the top right corner in case you have not noticed yet..!) will now show a little effect instead of just the
    super obvious
    change of color, when the user has unread messages.

    If you do not have any friends but want to see the ultra-amazing 4K 60FPS effect anyway, you can message @<s>Test'</s>. You might just receive a reply. The messenger (and a few other parts of the website) will surely undergo some more changes in the course of the next year. Any reasonable suggestions posted in the Suggestions Section or the comments below will be taken into account!
    . . .
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    07.07.2019 03:52 by NoVe
    A random silly idea has turned into an actual plan and after 1,5 days of work, the website has received a new look!

    Let us (at least visually) travel back to the 1980s, the best decade in history.

    If you encounter any bugs or issues please let me know via shoutbox or the forum. This design will surely change a little in the future and it will definitely need some improvements still.
    Also an option to choose the website's style will be added to the profile menu in time. Remember to clear your browser cache (CTRL+F5 in Chrome)!

    Anyway, have a good time and relax!

    Jan Hammer - Crockett's Theme (Miami Vice)

    . . .
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    05.06.2019 12:40 by NoVe
    Recently I have been toying with the idea of replacing the "Skype" messenger profile information and button, because let us be honest, who the hell still uses Skype?

    Anyway, while Steam is clearly the preference and will remain, I suppose adding "Discord" instead of Skype would make sense, despite my own dislike for it.

    Furthermore a few parts of the website might change soonish, because certain things are simply outdated. (Actually, even forums and websites like this one are antiquated in a way. But hey!
    . . .