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    16.10.2018 16:23 by NoVe
    In response to many messages I have recently received:

    Since Jerkhub's Masterserver list display hosted by that Polish Furry is currently down and good old jeditracker died years ago... Use this shit to keep track of Empire Server in the meantime:

    Not awesome but at least it works.

    Also a fun fact: That guy (by complete coincidence) first used Empire Server to showcase this servertracker on the Jerkhub forums when he created it.
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    16.01.2013 15:44 by soFFe
    I'm getting tired of writing Imperial news...

    "imp" back on, emp back off. (ForceLegionPublic is now called imperial again..)
    "imp"'s new IP:
    Greedo has left JKA for good. Let's hope for a bright future. ^-^
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    07.11.2012 22:18 by soFFe
    The Deutscher Imperial Server like we know it is gone forever. Greedo officially stopped supporting this server. However he still pays for the ForceLegion Servers that Gnom ``owns`` now. The ForceLegion Public server features the same settings the original Deutscher Imperial Server used to have. Therefore you may consider it the new Imperial...

    tl;dr: ForceLegion Public will ``replace`` imperial.
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